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Mojo Battstation Tough Dual Pro

Battstation Tough Dual Pro is our solution for today’s ever hungry power to mobile phones and gadgets. It is designed to enable you to stay connected anywhere, wherever you are. No more worries on damaging the power bank due to accident drops or due to splashes of water. The power bank is designed to withstand impacts and ports are sealed. Available in 7200 mAh, 8400 mAh and coming soon 12,000 mAh.

Battstation Chart

Battstation 7200 mAh

Battstation 8400 mAh

Battstation 12,000 mAh

Impact and Splash resistant.
Dual USB Output for simultaneous charging of 2 devices.
Torch Light. time.


IB-PWB-BLK-72 : 7200 mAh
IB-PWB-BLK-84 : 8400 mAh
12000 mAh


Input : 5V DC, 1A
Output 1 : 5V DC, 1A
Output 2 : 5V DC, 500mA
Battery Cell : Lithium-Ion


Length: 4.33 in (110 mm)
Width: 2.72 in (69 mm)
Depth: 0.88 in (22.5 mm)
Weight (7200 mAh): 6.35 oz (180 g)
Weight (8400 mAh): 7.41 oz (210 g)


• Mojo Battstation Tough Dual Pro
• Micro-USB Charge Cable (80 cm / 2.6 ft)
• 30-pin Apple Connector



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